Vehicle Check-out

Have you been eyeing that classic sitting in the barn beside the road? Has your dream car suddenly popped up in someone’s drive with a For Sale in the window? You’re tempted, but how do you know if the car is a cream puff or a rust bucket? JMC AutoworX can help.

Body work on classic cars can run into many thousands of dollars because of rust and neglect. But not all rust is created equal. If an entire fender is rotted away, it might be easily, and therefore inexpensively, repaired. On the other hand, some apparently minor rust spots around a window might render the vehicle virtually worthless. The difficult part is knowing the difference.

JMC AutoworX has the expertise to look beyond a fresh coat of paint, to know where to look to find rust, rot and substandard repairs. We can check-out a vehicle so you know if you are starting with a solid foundation or the vehicle is going to need extensive and/or expensive repairs.

This service is free of charge if the vehicle is brought to the JMC AutoworX shop, but if that is not possible, JMC AutoworX can go to the vehicle. The site service is offered by appointment only and there is a charge of $250 if the vehicle is within 50 miles of the JMC AutoworX shop. Additional fees may apply for vehicles outside this 50 mile limit. The $250 site service fee will be credited to your account if the car is brought to JMC AutoworX for restoration or repair.

Know what you are buying before you buy it with the JMC AutoworX vehicle check-out service. You may be glad you did.

Buying an old vehicle has certain inherent risks. While JMC AutoworX will make every effort to uncover any hidden damage, some damage cannot be found until a vehicle is disassembled or cleaned. JMC AutoworX cannot be held responsible for failure to find and disclose rust, inferior repairs, or other damage not discovered by JMC AutoworX.  

The buyer will have to sign a waiver and pay the check-out fee before JMC AutoworX will inspect a vehicle. Once a vehicle is inspected a full report will be submitted to the buyer. The check-out fee may be paid by credit card over the phone. The wavier can be downloaded at the bottom on this page, signed, and either emailed or faxed to JMC AutoworX, or you can stop by the office.

The buyer will have to have made arrangements in advance with the seller to allow JMC AutoworX to inspect the vehicle. If the seller refuses access to the vehicle, JMC AutoworX may keep, in part or full, the fee paid for the check-out-service. 

JMC AutoworX will make no recommendation on purchase or price. This is simply a vehicle inspection service on behalf of the buyer. Furthermore, JMC AutoworX will perform no inspection of the engine, transmission or other mechanical systems. JMC AutoworX recommends that any used vehicle be inspected by a qualified mechanic before purchase.

Download our Vehicle Check-Out Waiver here.  Download a copy of our inspection sheet here.

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