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Finally fenders

DSCF1267DSCF1266DSCF1274DSCF1281DSCF1282DSCF1285DSCF1284DSCF1283DSCF1272DSCF1273Paul was back on the bug today. Last week he stripped off the e-coat and primed the fenders. The next day he blocked that primer out and fixed a few dents. The next day he primed the parts once more and then had time to prep the bottom side for epoxy and bed liner. Those steps were completed last Friday. So today he blocked them out one last time and prepped them for paint. He did have enough time to get them painted today as well. Lots can get done when things go smoothly and here is a fine example. These came out really nice. Tomorrow we will hang the fenders on the body but they wont quite be ready to fully bolt on. We are still waiting on a few rubber parts to come in. The fender beading is one of them.

Ready for color

DSCF8996DSCF8994DSCF8993DSCF8995DSCF8995DSCF8993DSCF8994DSCF8996We have been working on this bug for a while, if you don’t remember, this beetle was hit by a deer. All the damage has been repaired and is now prepped for paint. Today we had to remove the hood to repair a little surface rust around the edges of the hood. With that complete, Monday we will reinstall the hood, then it will go into the booth for its turn to be made pretty again.  If things go smoothly, this bug will be all silver again and looking good.

Bug gets primer

DSCF8923DSCF8924DSCF8926DSCF8921DSCF8922DSCF8925DSCF8927DSCF8928Today we sprayed a few coats of primer on the ’79 Beetle. Everything went very smoothly except for that left rear fender. While we were prepping it for primer, we noticed a small split or crack in the paint. When I tried to sand it out, the paint just kept flaking. After about an inch or so of sanding I decided to use a blower on it to see if it would peel. Sure enough, the paint  started flying off in sheets. We were able to blow most of it off but some did stick. The paint that was left was shaved off with a razor blade scraper. You can see the results there on the floor in picture 5. No worries though, we were still able to get that fender in primer as well today. Next week we should be able to start blocking this primer out and prepping the car for paint.

Ready for primer

DSCF8918DSCF8917After a couple of good hard days repairing the body we are finally ready for primer. Tomorrow morning we will mask off the areas that wont be primed then it will go into the booth and get a few coats of PPG’s urethane primer.

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