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We handled it.

DSCF9406This new Silverado came into the shop to get a battle scar repaired. A bicycle handle bar got a little too close and put a good scratch in both doors. We repaired the scratch last Friday and slid it into the booth today for paint. As you can see it turned out really nice. Tomorrow we will put it all back together and replace the emblem on the door. It should be ready tomorrow evening.

Hold my keys

DSCF9401DSCF9402DSCF9403We have a Camaro that has been vandalized in the shop this week. Here you can see we have already sanded out the scratches and repaired the areas that needed it. We have it masked off and read for primer that will go in the morning. Sometimes there just isnt enough hours in the day.  Once we get primer on here and its dry enough to sand, we will block all these areas out and get it ready for paint on Friday.

Haven’t even made a payment..

DSCF9363DSCF9365DSCF9370DSCF9369DSCF9368The owner of this Prius got her “new to her” car 3 weeks ago and she hasn’t even made a payment on it yet. As you can see she was involved in a decent little accident leaving the car pretty banged up. We took some time this afternoon to disassemble it to see the extent of the damage and found a few things that were not visible when the insurance estimate was written. We will get the parts ordered up and the car over to the frame shop the first of the week.

What a drag

DSCF9300DSCF9303DSCF9301DSCF9302Bars, bars and more bars. We will be painting the roll cage in this Camaro hopefully tomorrow. It will definitely be a challenge. We have painted a few roll cages in our time but this one is definitely takes the cake. We have had the car for a few days and have the inside prepped for paint. We also have the firewall smoothed up and primed. We will be painting that as well. Once the inside is done, we will have a few holes to weld up in the quarters where the old spoiler was mounted. This won’t be used anymore, so we will make those go away. We also have already primed the fiberglass hood, trunk, and doors and those are ready to paint. We will get some pictures tomorrow and try to get those posted for your viewing pleasure.

A scrub and rubb

DSCF9255[1]DSCF9254[1]DSCF9253[1]This Solstice came in today to get a couple of small dents repaired. As you can see, there wasnt much to them. We repaired them today ans got them in primer. Tomorrow this one will go in the booth to get painted. The owner has then requested it be buffed and detailed inside and out. This will be in tip top shape by the end of the week.

Parking lot bang up

DSCF9231DSCF9232DSCF9233DSCF9235This Accord is in the shop to get the “dog leg” portion of the left quarter panel repaired. It was the victim of a little parking lot bump up.Someone backed into the quarter and wheel area at a low speed so luckily there wasnt too much damage. We were able to “massage” the area back into shape and then used a light coat of filler to finish smoothing out the wrinkles. As you can see here we did get it all fixed today and primed. Sorry, I missed the primed pictures. Tomorrow we will block the primed area and prep the rest of the quarter and rear door for paint. Tomorrow this one will take its turn first in the booth.

Bumper blues

DSCF9207DSCF9208DSCF9211This Hyundai is in to get a little scratch in the rear bumper repaired. Like almost of our bumper jobs, we remove the bumper to give the best quality repair. We sanded out the scratch and Paul put a couple of coats of primer on the damaged area to ensure that the spot is fully hidden once its painted. Tomorrow we will sand the primer and the rest of the bumper first thing in the morning in hopes of getting it painted and reinstalled later in the afternoon.

Wild ride

DSCF9069DSCF9083DSCF9084I’d have to say, the owners of this Escalade are pretty lucky. During a bad storm we had here a couple of weeks ago, this vehicle got into a tussle with one of those cable style guard rails. Luckily the occupants were not hurt, their Escalade on the other hand didnt fair so well. Luckily cars are easier to fix than people are. After getting things worked out with the insurance company, we have started repairs. As you can see we did get a good start on it this afternoon. A lot of the parts are here so we plan on plugging right along on this one. Tomorrow Paul will get the parts trimmed out and I will keep removing the bent stuff and straightening out what I can. Again, and as always, we are glad no one was hurt and everyone walked away.

Snow victim

DSCF9016DSCF9018DSCF9017DSCF9020DSCF9019This Tundra was an unfortunate victim of the snow last weekend. Although it looked bad, we thought we would try to work out the metal to see if we could repair it instead of putting a new panel on. Sometimes if you take your time, you can work the metal out and turn an ugly panel into one that is very fix able. Thats what we were able to do here. With the right tools and some patients, we massaged this bedside out to a manageable dent that is very repairable now. The repair area is large but the filler will be pretty thin which should make for a nice repair. Tomorrow we will start the body work portion of the repair.

A little rust repair

DSCF8930DSCF8929DSCF8931DSCF8932DSCF8934DSCF8935DSCF8936This Chevy is in the shop to get a rust spot fixed. First we ground off the paint to see what was really going on. We then cut out what was bad to see what  was going on behind the rust. The inner panel was in pretty good shape, so we just cleaned that up and prepped it for the patch. We then made a nice piece to fit in the area we cut out and welded it up taking care not to warp the sheet metal around it. Once it was welded up completely we used a product called all metal to start the repair process. Once that was blocked out we finished the repair with body filler. Once that was straight we prepped the area for primer.  Before we left for the day, we were able to block out the primer and prep the rest of the panel for paint. We plan on getting it painted in the morning.

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