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The finished product

DSCF0709DSCF0710DSCF0707DSCF0708Here we have the finished product! The owner has it all back together now and on the the road. He’s got himself a real head turner now.

What a Challenge

DSCF0157DSCF0158DSCF0159DSCF0160The new paint job on this 1971 Challenger is all wrapped up and ready to go. We had only a few minor places to repair on this one before spraying a nice base coat clear coat to bring it back to life. Once the paint had a few days to cure, the factory stripes were installed and really make all the difference in the world. It looks like a different car. The green paint with the green side stripes were at first a little questionable but now that they are on, Wow! What a difference. I really like the look of the color combination. Once the black vinyl top is on and a few bits of chrome here and there, this will be one sharp car.  The owner will be bringing it back for some grand finale pictures when its all done.

Getting close

DSCF7831 DSCF7839 DSCF7842We have had this Challenger in the shop for a while to make repairs from a pretty major accident. We switched out all the suspension on the right front and we had the engine cradle replaced at Automotive Service shop. Dick Shirley provided the measuring and frame pulling for us. All of the front bumper parts will be replaced. New fender, right door, right rocker rounds out the damage. The owner requested a few little custom touches. with painting the hood black being one of them. We were already going to have to paint it, so painting it black was no big deal. Instead of just plain black, we opted to jazz it up a little more by making it a black metallic. It really looks good and should make this Challenger stand out from the crowd. We are waiting on a few parts for the front bumper that are on back order. When we get those in, I will post a picture of the finished product.

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