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DSCF7830 DSCF7826 DSCF7827 DSCF7828 DSCF7829Worked on the ’52 Ford truck today. We were able to get the slick sand all blocked out on the left door. Once that was done, it looked really nice. Chris fixed a couple of tiny spots that showed up, then passed it off to Paul for the FINAL primer. While they were working on that, was working on the inside of the right door. We straightened out the inside where patch panels were welded in and also fixed a few dents and rust pits. The inside of the right door was finished up today, but not in time to get primer on it. Next week we will block the slick sand thats on the outside of the door and prime both sides. Once this is complete we will prep the hood, both doors and the front valence for paint.

Tuxedo Stang

DSCF7397DSCF7398DSCF7400DSCF7402DSCF7403DSCF7404DSCF7411DSCF7406DSCF7405DSCF7413This Mustang is in the shop to get racing stripes. Last week we painted a set of brake calipers to match these stripes. That will tie the colors together and look nice when its all done. The owner also wanted to paint Saleen stripes on the fenders while we were at it. We started off by sanding the areas that we will be painting to ensure good adhesion. The car was then washed to provide a clean paint job. Then we masked off the panels that were not getting paint. We then sprayed the charcoal onto the panels where the stripes go. Once that base coat had dried, we masked off where the stripes were going. We then painted the panels back black.  When the black was dry, we un-tapped the masking and laid down 2 good coats of clear. As you can see, they turned out really nice. Monday we will put the stripes on the bumpers and re-assemble it. This should be ready mid week.

Thats the brakes.

DSCF7383 DSCF7385 DSCF7386 DSCF7388A customer of ours bought a couple of Mustangs and wanted to get the brake calipers painted so we gladly obliged. The yellow ones will match the car. Its actually the same Mustang we painted the roof stripes on a month ago. The charcoal calipers are going on a black car but it will soon have matching Saleen stripes. You should see it here in a couple of weeks. We started with brand new calipers. They were cleaned and prepped before a coat of PPG DP sealer was applied. Once that dried, it was followed with base coat then clear coat. These will go on the car first of next week.

Jaguar’s ready

DSCF7209 DSCF7212 DSCF7215 DSCF7223 DSCF7226 DSCF7238 DSCF7246 DSCF7249 DSCF7250This Jaguar is in the shop to get some dents in the quarter panel fixed up. We started by by prepping the dented area is sanded with 80 grit sand paper to ensure proper adhesion for the filler. Once the filler was dry, it was blocked out and primed. after the primer. That was then blocked and the rest of the panel was prepped for paint. Once that was ready to paint, the Jag was slid into the booth and all the proper procedures were performed for the application process. You can see me spraying the color onto the Jag followed by the clear coat.

Get the door

DSCF7193DSCF7192We devoted some time to the Infinity today. The left rear door was trimmed out this morning and reinstalled it just as soon as it was dry enough. Later this afternoon we blocked out the primer spots and sanded the rest of the panels to prepare them for paint. This vehicle is has been washed and is in the booth. The plan is to paint it first thing in the morning.


Booth time

DSCF7161 DSCF7162 DSCF7164We had great progress on the Durango today. Yesterday it was sanded and set up in the booth before we left. This morning we masked it up for painting and did a final prep. We then applied a coat of sealer of the primed areas. Once that was dry, we sprayed 3 coats of base coat or color coat. When the base was dry, we laid down 2 coats of clear coat. Tomorrow we reassemble the doors and tail light, get it cleaned up and back to the owner.

Out darned scratch

DSCF7155 DSCF7159 DSCF7160Long time readers may remember this Durango. It was in the shop a while back to get some scratches repaired. Well its back for the same thing. We started by sanding out the scratches using a dual action sander and 180 grit sand paper. Once these were smoothed up, we switched to 320 grit paper and sanded around the 180 areas. Chris then masked off the areas that he did not want to get over spray on then primed it. While the primer was drying, we removed the mirror, handles, ect. for a nice job. Once the primer was dry, we blocked out the primer to ensure we kept a flat straight panel. We then sanded the rest of the side with 600 grit paper. Once that was completed, we used a scotch brite and scuff stuff to prep the rest of the panel for paint. We followed that up with a wash to make masking the panels cleaner and neater. Tomorrow we will get this on painted.

In the booth

DSCF7146Here is the Trail Blazer SS in the booth. This one was first up this morning in the booth. The primer was blocked out and the rest of the panel was prepped for paint. It was then put in the booth and masked off. Chris did a great job painting this. It was re-assembled today and will be delivered to the owner tomorrow.

New look

IMG_4965 IMG_4966 IMG_4968 IMG_4969 IMG_4972 IMG_4970 IMG_4971 IMG_4975 IMG_4976These Camaro wheels are getting a fresh coat of paint. The owner wanted to add a custom touch to his 2010 Camaro. The factory wheels had a polished type look to them. We cleaned and sanded them down and proper prepped them for paint. Once they were in the booth a coat of PPG Epoxy sealer was sprayed on them to all proper adhesion of the top coat. The top coat is a semi-flat or eggshell black. Tomorrow the new tires get mounted and we will put them back on the car. Check back tomorrow to see the new look.

Ready to roll

IMG_4940 IMG_4943 IMG_4942The MDX is complete, cleaned up and ready to roll. We wrapped it up early this morning, had it detailed for the customer and had it aligned. It all checked out and is ready for the weekend.

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