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Like a mirror

DSCF8739And here we have the finished product on the Cobra Mustang. We finished up the final assembly on it today and its really standing tall. The close up pictures of the hood and door really show how deep the gloss is and the smoothness of the paint.

Time to shine

DSCF8666 DSCF8665 DSCF8664 DSCF8673 DSCF8672 DSCF8671 DSCF8670 DSCF8663The Cobra had some time in the booth this afternoon, or at least parts of it did. We like to paint cars apart then re-assemble them once its all complete. This way we can paint all of the edges of the parts and it also greatly reduces the chance of peeling paint because of the difficulty in sanding the gaps between parts. So you can see the bumpers, bottom of the hood, mirrors and side scoops are all black and nice and shiny. We also were able to get the car tapped up and it will go in the booth tomorrow morning for its time to shine.

Paint upgrade

DSCF8654DSCF8659 DSCF8660 DSCF8661 This ’04 Cobra is in the shop to get its paint upgraded. The paint on the car is in pretty good shape but does have a couple of places that could use attention. So we will go ahead and take care of those and give this Cobra a nice slick paint job that will set it off from the others. We started by removing the bumpers, mirrors, headlights and tail lights then we washed the car with a strong soap to strip off all the wax and paint protectant that has been applied over the years. We then sanded the entire car with 320 grit paper followed by 600 grit paper. Once we were done with that, we used a scotch write pad and scuff stuff. This process sands the hard to reach areas and also cleans the car. Not pictured are the bumpers which were also treated with the same procedures as the car. Tomorrow we will start with the bumpers and the under side of the h00d. We are planning on also getting the body masked off  tomorrow and the car painted on Friday.  DSCF8662 DSCF8658

Got bit

DSCF8210 DSCF8211 DSCF8214This Cobra’s face lift has been completed and here are the results. We completely disassembled the car, repaired the damaged areas and painted it all over. As you can see it all came out really nice. Previous repairs complicated things a little bit but we got those worked out. PPG base coat clear coat ensure this Snake will look good for a long time to come. While we had it, we also performed out head light restoration to make those headlights pop as well as the car does. This one will be cruising the streets very soon. This oldie but goodie sure stands tall now.

Shine on

DSCF8194 DSCF8197 DSCF8198We painted the Cobra yesterday. After quite a bit of work in fixing the body, it was finally time to lay down some color. Paul started by spraying a full coat of urethane sealer. That was followed by several coat of white base coat. That was followed by 2 coats high solids PPG clear. As you can see, it turned out pretty good. We spent today sanding and prepping the bumpers and a few other parts that will get painted tomorrow. Once all these parts are sprayed, we will start the reassembly process probably first of the week.

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