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The heart is in

DSCF0022DSCF0023The engine is is! We received the parts we were waiting for yesterday to allow us to install the engine. There are two very important seals that go around the engine bay that help keep the engine cool. They must be installed before the engine goes in. We installed them, then checked over the clutch, pressure plate and throw out bearing before the install. Once the it was in, we made all of the necessary connections for the coil, generator and fuel lines. We installed the battery and the negative cable but didnt hook up power just yet. It was late in the day and I wanted to have plenty of time to make sure I have triple checked all of the connections. This is not where you want to rush things thats for sure.

FJ on the mend

dscf9901dscf9902dscf9900We had sent this FJ out to get some mechanical issues addressed while our work load here at the shop was up. We did get it back last week and today we were able to devote some time to it getting this project started back up. What Cole is working on here is repairing where the lower rocker panels were welded in. We removed the rear doors and used a grinder to smooth up the welds. We then applied a coat of metal filler to smooth up the welds. Once that product was dry, it was sanded smooth. He then went over those areas as well as a couple of other places in the jambs to make sure they  all look smooth. Once these areas a taken care of we will do the same to the seams where the front doors are before priming the new rockers.

All shined up

dscf9616dscf9615This is the results of the Freshen up post from yesterday. The paint job turned out very nice. Now with a base coat clear coat finish, the owner will not have that dry, chalky, dull paint anymore. We even did a headlight restoration on this one to make it safer at night and help with the appearance. We did get most of this one put back together today and should finish up the reassembly tomorrow.

Back in the saddle

DSCF9591DSCF9592DSCF9593DSCF9594DSCF9595DSCF9586DSCF9587DSCF9588DSCF9589DSCF9590Today was dedicated to the Ghia. We had some lose ends first thing this morning to tie up on another job that was picking up today, but after that, we were all in on the Ghia. We started by applying the Metal ready product to our welds to ensure great adhesion and a water tight seal. Its personal preference really, but we dont like putting body filler over areas that have been welded. We use Metal Ready for the initial fill, then body filler if needed to smooth the rest up. Thats what you will be seeing here. We did find an area on each door that needed a small patch. One picture show the bad cut out. Not sure why the car rusted here but they were both the same way. As you can see we did get one side cut out and even welded in but my camera died before I could get that picture, so you will see that on Monday. We also applied some body filler to finish straightening out the high and low spots on both doors and was able to get that blocked out and looking nice.  We did make great progress on these today and it should continue next week.

From one Ghia to another

DSCF9583DSCF9584DSCF9585DSCF9582We have been working a little behind the scenes on the this Ghia for the past few weeks. We have been dressing up some welds, welding up a few more places that we have found and doing some rust preventative things on areas that are already welded. We do have a few more little places to weld but for the most part that is done. Today we removed the doors and started blocking them. We also started blocking out the body where the new panels have been patched in. Tomorrow we will continue the blocking and start repairing the body.

When golf carts attack

DSCF9544DSCF9545DSCF9553DSCF9556DSCF9557DSCF9558Yes. The damage you see here is from a golf cart. An unoccupied golf cart. The story goes that someone loading a golf cart up with some farm supplies when one of the bags landed on the gas pedal. Across the yard sat this Karmann Ghia minding its own business when WHAMO! The fully loaded, unoccupied cart slams into it. Now, I guess the good thing here is that no one was injured but the Ghia and the cart both suffered moderate damage. We started by removing the interior trim panels to access the inner quarter panel. We used hammers and pry bars to push the dents back out as far as possible. We then used the stud welder to pull the rest of the more stubborn dents out. Once the metal was in good shape, we used body filler to smooth out the final dents. While that was being done the rear end was disassembled for a quality job. The bumper, tail lights and reflectors were removed. Once the dents were straight a few coats of primer was sprayed. Tomorrow we should be able to get this one sanded early and in the paint booth.

Yet another, hit and run


DSCF9522DSCF9521DSCF9523This cool little Corrola was the victim of a hit and run. Unfortunately, this is a brand new car. The owner just got it a couple of months ago and after years of parking in the same space, he got hit in his new ride. As you can see, it did a little body damage but nothing that can’t be fixed. We started by using the stud gun to pull out the low areas. This makes the repair nice by not needing to use as much filler.  We then tapped down the high spots and prepped the damage for filler. Once that was nice and smooth, we masked off the areas for primer. Tomorrow we plan on blocking out the primer and getting some color on it.

Clearly, its better

DSCF9495DSCF9493DSCF9496DSCF9498This FJ belongs to the C in JMC. We purchased it last weekend and as you can see its in pretty good shape. But,  and yes thats a big BUT, the roofs on these FJ’s are not clear coated. Well, being that paint is my thing, I thought I would buff it up nice and shiny and put a good coat of polish on there for her to keep that top nice. Thats when tragedy struck. As soon as the buffer hit the paint, it took all of the white off on the ridges of the roof. Sigh. I wasn’t really ready to paint the roof on here but I couldn’t just leave it like that either. Plus, the rack was faded a little and could use some sprucing up. Off to the shop it went. We removed the rack then sanded the roof. Next we masked off the rest of the vehicle and then into the booth. After a few coats of white base coat, I followed that with 2 coats of PPG high solids clear. The next day it was time to paint the rack. Here we used an eggshell black to bring it back to life. The paint on the rest of the vehicle was in nice shape so I had the local car wash guys clay bar it for me then I followed that with a few buffing compounds and a couple coats of hand polish. A whole lot of sweat, not blood and no tears later here is the finished product. The paint really looks deep and has a great gloss now. The roof now will need nothing but a coat of polish twice a year for the rest of its life. I know the wife missed it while it was gone, but its looking great now.

Shiny Shelby

DSCF9482DSCF9483DSCF9484After a few days of stripe removal and buffing up where they once were, we finally got around to painting the front end on this GT500. The front wasnt really damaged, but there were a few little rock chips and battle scars on there from its time on the road. We have now repaired all of them and its standing tall now. Over the next few days we will start the reassembly process and buff out a few places once the paint is dry enough. Im sure the owner is ready to get back in the hot seat of this ‘Stang but its going to be a few more days.

Hold my keys

DSCF9401DSCF9402DSCF9403We have a Camaro that has been vandalized in the shop this week. Here you can see we have already sanded out the scratches and repaired the areas that needed it. We have it masked off and read for primer that will go in the morning. Sometimes there just isnt enough hours in the day.  Once we get primer on here and its dry enough to sand, we will block all these areas out and get it ready for paint on Friday.

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