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Deconstruction continues

57657557457357257157Yesterday Jordan spent a good portion of the day breaking down the doors. Today, he has been at it pretty steady all day. The doors are both completely apart and removed, the trunk is off and apart, the hood moldings have been removed as well, as a few more interior molding parts. The time consuming part of all this is bagging and tagging all of the parts and their bolts to make reassembly much easier. And buddy I’ll tell ya, their are a lot little parts. We have tubs that we use to store parts in so that things remain in one spot for safe keeping. Inside the tubs are bags with screws, bolts and clips labeled where they came from as well as the tons of bright work from the same panels. Hopefully tomorrow these newly disassembled parts will be going to the blaster.

Another Ghia back on the road

DSCF0213DSCF0225DSCF0222DSCF0221DSCF0215DSCF0220DSCF0218DSCF0216DSCF0217DSCF0226DSCF0219DSCF0224Here we have the finished product!  After a good long while in the shop, this Ghia is headed home today. I know the owner is happy to have her car back. Im not sure what wheels are planned for this beauty, but I will post pictures of it when she gets them on.

Looking better and better

DSCF9195DSCF9196We have been steadily working on this Escalade and we have gotten most of it back together. As with many jobs of this size, there are some things that get missed and yesterday we found one. The exhaust is bent up and will need to be replaced. but we do have it on order. We also have had the new wheels installed on the right side and also installed two new tires. We are waiting on a few clips and a headlight before we can put the bumper on so we have worked ourselves out of work on here for now.

Nip and tuck

DSCF9088DSCF9089DSCF9086DSCF9087DSCF9090DSCF9091This week we got a great start on the Escalade. We were able to get the bent quarter panel cut off and the new one trimmed up and ready to install. We are waiting on one more part before we can install it though. We also got the new fender and door trimmed out, the door installed, as well as the damage to the right front door repaired. Next on the list will be to get the quarter on and then ready for paint. Hopefully we can get that done next week.

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