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Finally getting primed

DSCF0333DSCF0315DSCF0316DSCF0313DSCF0314DSCF0322DSCF0323DSCF0324DSCF0346DSCF0345DSCF0340We have been steadily plugging along on the FJ over the past couple of weeks and here is where we stand on it. The rain gutters have been stripped and cleaned out. A nice coat of epoxy was applied to the gutters followed by a flowable seam sealer. They really look nice and smooth now. Jordan also worked pretty diligently on sanding the nooks and crannies. It seemed like every time it was ready for primer another spot was found that needed attention. Cole prepped the under side and the top side of the hood today and with a little luck, we may start spraying some parts next week. We do have the body ready for primer now and It will go into the booth first thing Monday morning.

That left a mark

DSCF8974DSCF8979DSCF8978DSCF8980DSCF8986DSCF8987This 4500 is in the shop to get the fender repaired  on the one piece front end. It seems as though one of those pesky garbage cans jumped out in front of this truck while he was trying to squeeze into a tight spot. As you can see there was a chunk missing from the fender but with today’s glue technology, we were able to create that missing area relatively easily. Once the structure was there, we used body filler to do the final shaping and to get the contours correct. We then shot 3 coats of PPG high build urethane primer. Tomorrow we will block this out and get it back white again.

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