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Been a while….

DSCF8878DSCF8900DSCF8901DSCF8903DSCF8879DSCF8886DSCF8887DSCF8891DSCF8875Ok, Ok, Yes  I know, its been a while since I have posted, but I have a few good excuses. First of all we have been totally SLAMMED here since Christmas and we have also been making a few hardware and software changes in the office to help the business run a bit smoother. This has been taking up my website time and since this is a convenience, not a necessity, it had to be what suffered.

Above are just a few pictures of the 20 or so cars we have done in the past 4 weeks. I will be updating the site a bit more frequently now. Thank you for your patience and your business. Happy New Year!!

Parts everywhere

DSCF7977 DSCF7974 DSCF7978 DSCF7981 DSCF7981 DSCF7984Yesterday we prepped these parts for the ’52 Ford for paint. We blasted these parts a couple of weeks ago, but havent had a chance to paint them yet. We started off by sanding them with 180 grit paper to get a smooth surface. We then cleaned them very well with wax and grease remover. We then hung each part up in the booth so that all sides could be sprayed at the same time. Paul took over here by spraying a coat of PPG’s DPLV epoxy sealer. Once that was dry, it was followed with a couple of coats of eggshell black single stage. Most of these parts you will never see once on the truck but they must all function and look presentable just in case. Once reassembled, these parts will be ready for another 70 years of service.

Santa came by the shop today

IMG_5090 IMG_5092Knocking down a Christmas present for a lucky lady today. These wheels will be replacing the ones on her car now. They came in silver but we flat blacked them for a meaner look. We still have one more custom touch that will get added tomorrow. We will post pictures once they are all installed.

New look

IMG_4965 IMG_4966 IMG_4968 IMG_4969 IMG_4972 IMG_4970 IMG_4971 IMG_4975 IMG_4976These Camaro wheels are getting a fresh coat of paint. The owner wanted to add a custom touch to his 2010 Camaro. The factory wheels had a polished type look to them. We cleaned and sanded them down and proper prepped them for paint. Once they were in the booth a coat of PPG Epoxy sealer was sprayed on them to all proper adhesion of the top coat. The top coat is a semi-flat or eggshell black. Tomorrow the new tires get mounted and we will put them back on the car. Check back tomorrow to see the new look.

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