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Headlight restoration

DSCF9527DSCF9528DSCF9529DSCF9531DSCF9533DSCF9532This Honda Pilot is in the shop to get the headlights restored. As you can see in the first picture, the lights were looking pretty bad.  Not only does this look bad, but it also limits the amount of light that hits the road. Its caused from the sun’s UV rays. Its actually rotting the plastic lens. What we do is sand all of the decay off and try to get it down to good clean plastic again. You can see this in the 3rd picture. The 4th and 5th picture shows the finished results. The last image shows the new LED bulbs we installed for the owner. The LED’s are on the right (as on your screen) the left is the factory bulb. Quite a bit of difference. This combination should help her see better at night.

Yep, its deer season

DSCF8646 DSCF8647 DSCF8650 DSCF8651The Aviator struck a deer and stopped by to get repaired. We will be installing a new bumper and header panel on here. As you can see the headlights on this vehicle are starting to yellow and show damage from the sun, so while its here we will clean those up for the customer as well.  The last two pictures show the finished product. A new factory bumper and almost new looking headlights that will last for years. This should make for a happy customer

Its clear

DSCF8167 DSCF8169 DSCF8171 DSCF8179 DSCF8185 DSCF8187This is a close up look at our head light restoration process. As you can see the head light in the Suzuki is looking pretty bad. First thing we do is remove the light. Next we sand the light to remove all of the old yellow dead plastic. Once the sanding is complete, we make sure all the edges are sanded by using a scuff pad and a cleaner on the light. When its dry, we set it up in the booth and prep it for paint. We mask off the areas that dont get painted to do a neat and clean job. We have a special process we perform with proper materials to ensure the clear coat sticks to the plastic.  Once that step is complete, we use high quality clear coat on the lights to bring the clear look back. Once the clear is dry, we reinstall the lights into the car. This is the best method I have seen to restore these plastic lights. There are other methods that work, but they must be performed several times a year to stay on top of it. Once this process is done, you can expect years and years of service out of them.

Head light restoration that works

DSCF8154 DSCF8156 DSCF8157 DSCF8158 DSCF8159  A little head light restoration today. The lights on this Camry have seen better days. We started by removing the lights and prepping them. This involves sanding off all of the yellow caused by the sun. The yellow is actually the plastic rotting from the UV rays from the sun. We must remove all of that to make sure we get a great repair. We then use special products to make a chemical bond between the plastic and the clear coat. Once they have been cleared and dry, they are ready to go back into the car. As you can see, the difference is clear. This makes a major improvement in night driving. I have seen lights so bad, they won’t pass inspection. So after you have tried all the home remedies like tooth paste, bug spray and cooking spray, bring your car to us so we can do it properly with lasting results.

I can see clearly

IMG_4903 IMG_4904 IMG_4909 IMG_4907 IMG_4906 IMG_4908This Altima is in the shop to get a new front door. The door came in yesterday and we did get it trimmed out and back on the car before we went home yesterday. This morning we got right to work  prepping it for paint. I wish I had taken pictures of the headlights when the car came in. They were yellowed and very dull. They were in such bad shape they were greatly reducing her vision while driving at night. We did our headlight restoration process on them while we were painting the side today as well. We blended the color out onto the rear door and front fender to ensure a quality repair and color match. We took these pictures after having it cleaned up. This one should go home tomorrow.

The difference is clear

IMG_2469 IMG_2482Here is a great representation of our head light restoration results. We have found that sanding and buffing the head lights works very well but the light will go back to yellow after a few months. Our new process is  a bit more involved but I think the results will last quite a bit longer. These before and after pictures really show how big of a difference it makes.

I can see clearly now

IMG_2448 IMG_2449 IMG_2457 IMG_2458This Volvo is in the shop for a few little touch ups here and there as well as fixing a few nagging problems for the owner. One of them are these headlights. Im sure you have all seen them before. Yellow, dingy looking headlights that have lost their luster. Well take a look at these. The left picture is what we started with. Picture 2, shows Chase getting all the “old” off of the light preparing it for paint. The last two pictures shows what they look like now. We didnt buff these light out with polish. We used a more permanent method to bring them back to life. They should stay like this for a few years. A much better process than just buffing them.

Maxed out

IMG_1591 IMG_1590The Maxima we painted all over is all wrapped up and has been delivered to the customer. Here is the final shots of it before delivery.

Black Beauty

IMG_1577 IMG_1578 IMG_1579Today Chris jumped on the Maxima first thing and started the reassembly and darn near got it finished. This car has come a long way in a short time. New mirror, new moldings, rejuvenated head lights and a fresh paint job. Tomorrow we will button up a few things and this one will be ready to go back to the owner.

Painting the Pony

IMG_1257 IMG_1259 IMG_1262 IMG_1260 IMG_1261IMG_1245 IMG_1244 IMG_1243 IMG_1242Today was FUN day at JMC. Today we finally got some color sprayed on the ’64 Mustang and as you can see it turned out pretty good. If you remember, we have already painted the hood, doors, trunk and the left fender for this car. Tomorrow we will get this car out, block the right fender and hopefully paint it and a few other little knick knacks that go on here. Chase started out by applying a coat of urethane sealer over the primer. Then 3 good coats of the Candy Apple Red, a factory color for the 1966 Mustang, was applied. Once those dried sufficiently, 3 coats of urethane clear coat was applied. This will allow us to wet sand and buff the clear and still leave enough material there to protect the color coats underneath.  So all in all it was a good day at the shop today.

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