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Bring on the shine

DSCF7678 DSCF7689 DSCF7688We were able to get the Civic in the booth today. We sanded it yesterday before leaving so this morning it was ready to go into the booth first thing.We carefully masked off the areas that we didnt want to paint, then Paul sprayed sealer over the repaired areas followed by 3 coats of silver base coat. Once that was dry, 2 coats of PPG clear coat was sprayed to provide the shine and protect the base coat.Tomorrow we will reassemble the door and re-install the rear bumper. This one should be going home tomorrow.

Civic duty

DSCF7657 DSCF7658DSCF7660DSCF7659This Civic is in the shop this week to get a battle scar repaired. We had to break out the stud gun to pull out the dents close to where the metal was supposed to be to minimize the amount of body filler.  A stud was welded to the panel with a special gun. A slide hammer grabs the studs and is used to pull the dents back out. We will be continuing the repair on this one tomorrow. Thursday, this will take its turn in the booth for paint.

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