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Its a block party!

DSCF0988DSCF0987DSCF0986DSCF0985DSCF0984DSCF0997DSCF0998DSCF0979DSCF0980DSCF0981DSCF0982DSCF0995DSCF0994DSCF0992DSCF0990 In the words of Ice Cube, today was a good day. Lots of body work was completed on the quarters, the bottom of the  hood and bottom portion of the bed floor was sprayed with epoxy. Once the epoxy was dry the bed floor was sprayed with bed liner. Tomorrow we plan on flipping the bed floor over, spraying epoxy on it and bed lining it as well. We will also spray the top side of the hood with high build epoxy and I hope to re-prime the bedsides. Its a tall order but we are really close to finishing up the body work on the bedsides.

Finished product

DSCF9354Here is the final results on the Hyundai. Turned out nice.

Making it shine

DSCF9239[1]DSCF9241[1]Once the Accord was dry, we slid this Elantra in the booth so it could get all shined up again. While the Accord was being painted, this Elantra was being prepped for it turn. After a coat of sealer and a few coats of base coat, Paul laid down a couple of coats of clear. This car really turned out great. We will get it back together tomorrow then a good bath and its ready to roll again.

On the mend

DSCF9209DSCF9210DSCF9213DSCF9212We put in some good time on the Hyundai this week. We got it back from the frame shop on Monday around noon and we spent the rest of the day prepping it for paint. This morning it was the first car in the booth and once the paint was dry, we started putting it all back together. We were able to get it pretty much all back together and we plan on sending it to clean up tomorrow so it will be ready to return to the owner tomorrow evening.

Bumper blues

DSCF9207DSCF9208DSCF9211This Hyundai is in to get a little scratch in the rear bumper repaired. Like almost of our bumper jobs, we remove the bumper to give the best quality repair. We sanded out the scratch and Paul put a couple of coats of primer on the damaged area to ensure that the spot is fully hidden once its painted. Tomorrow we will sand the primer and the rest of the bumper first thing in the morning in hopes of getting it painted and reinstalled later in the afternoon.

Two for the road

DSCF8538 DSCF8537These two were finished up today. The Buick came in last week to get a new front bumper and a few other things. The Hyundai came in yesterday to repair a dent in the left fender. The owners will pick up tomorrow. This week is off to a great start.

DSCF7830 DSCF7826 DSCF7827 DSCF7828 DSCF7829Worked on the ’52 Ford truck today. We were able to get the slick sand all blocked out on the left door. Once that was done, it looked really nice. Chris fixed a couple of tiny spots that showed up, then passed it off to Paul for the FINAL primer. While they were working on that, was working on the inside of the right door. We straightened out the inside where patch panels were welded in and also fixed a few dents and rust pits. The inside of the right door was finished up today, but not in time to get primer on it. Next week we will block the slick sand thats on the outside of the door and prime both sides. Once this is complete we will prep the hood, both doors and the front valence for paint.

That left a mark

IMG_4994 IMG_4995 IMG_4996 IMG_4997This Sante fe is pretty lucky to have made it out with these relatively minor bumps and bruises. A tractor trailer tried to occupy the same space as this Hyundia and this is the result. Because the metal is stretched out and the location of the damage, we will be replacing this panel. The parts were ordered last week and we should get the new quarter panel in tomorrow. We got started today on it anyway to not waste any time. Everything was removed that was needed to do the repair today except the quarter itself. Hopefully we will get into that tomorrow.

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