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The home stretch


This Prius was dropped off a couple of weeks ago to get the front end repaired from a fender bender. The damage wasn’t too extensive but it did require some frame repair and a few structure parts replaced up front. We got it back from the frame shop yesterday and got right to work on it. We repaired the damage on the car yesterday and had it ready for paint this morning. Paul painted it first thing and we were putting it back together by late afternoon. All thats really left now is to get it cleaned up and a new pinstripes on the fenders put on. By late morning, this Prius will be back home with its owner who I hear has a very busy weekend and has been missing her car terribly.

Yet another, hit and run


DSCF9522DSCF9521DSCF9523This cool little Corrola was the victim of a hit and run. Unfortunately, this is a brand new car. The owner just got it a couple of months ago and after years of parking in the same space, he got hit in his new ride. As you can see, it did a little body damage but nothing that can’t be fixed. We started by using the stud gun to pull out the low areas. This makes the repair nice by not needing to use as much filler.  We then tapped down the high spots and prepped the damage for filler. Once that was nice and smooth, we masked off the areas for primer. Tomorrow we plan on blocking out the primer and getting some color on it.


DSCF9509DSCF9508DSCF9511DSCF9510DSCF9512The FJ Cruiser was revamped in 2007 to compete against the Wranglers from Jeep. In my opinion, they hit a home run. Full frame, copied from the Land Cruiser, great ground clearance, electronic rear axle lockers and the ability to cross water 27.5″ deep right from the factory. The list goes on and on. This one is here to get the fender and door fixed up. As you can see the dents in the fender are pretty deep. We used the stud gun on there to pull that metal back into shape before using body filler to straighten out the finer ripples. We also fixed a small crease in the front door that was part of the same accident. We did get it primed today and plan on blocking this primer out tomorrow and shooting  some blue paint back on there. If all goes well the owner will be getting her FJ back by the weekend.

Crash, bang, boom!

DSCF9474DSCF9476DSCF9507This Elantra was rear ended a couple of weeks ago. The owner dropped it off to get basically the rear end replaced. After sending it over to the frame shop to make sure the frame wasnt damaged and to get the rear body panel pulled out we have it back at JMC to finish up the repairs. We started with priming the area where the seams are with PPG’s epoxy primer. We then reapplied the seam sealer in the locations the factory had placed it. The seam sealer needs to set up for a while so in the morning we plan on painting this rear body panel back to the factory body color. Once that is dry we can then start prepping the rest of the rear end for paint. Hopefully that happens on Thursday.

Hit and run

DSCF9473DSCF9472DSCF9477DSCF9481DSCF9486This Frontier was the victim of a hit and run. The owner was out doing some shopping and came out to a huge dent in his bed. Luckily we know how to fix this. We spent some time with a hammer and dolly working the damaged are out to minimize the amount of filler needed. We then used filler to smooth out the hammer and dolly marks and to fill any low spots still there. We then primed the area with PPG primer. Once that had dried, Cole got to work blocking out the primer and sanding the rest of the panel. Tomorrow this one will get painted early and maybe over to clean up. If all goes well, it should go home on Thursday.

Parking lot derby

DSCF9479DSCF9480DSCF9478DSCF9485This new style Camry is in for a new door skin from a parking lot bump up. The damage on the door was a little too bad to repair so a skin has been installed to ensure a quality repair. Its not too often you get to see what the inside of your door looks like so above is a great shot of the typical door on a newer car. The two round bars are called intrusion beams. The are high strength steal and are the main structure of the door. The outer panel is what was replaced. Tomorrow we will trim out the back side of this door and get it reinstalled on the car and prep the other door and quarter for blending to ensure a good color match.

Sentra on the mend

DSCF9449DSCF9450DSCF9454This little Sentra is in the shop to get the left door repaired. Its the result of a parking lot bump up.  A large truck just didnt see the little Sentra and backed right into the door. We used a stud welder to pull that metal back into shape then used a little filler to smooth it all up again. We will be painting this one tomorrow and hopefully it will go home on Friday

FJ’s Back

DSCF9457DSCF9455The FJ is back from the metal shop.  After a good long while at the metal shop it is finally structurally sound. This FJ 55 had new rockers, new cab mounts, new patches for the fenders, doors and quarters as well as rear fender well openings replaced while it was away. There was also some rust in the hood repaired as well as in between the upper and lower fender. Most of those parts had to be fabricated but the rockers were available new. Another thing that made this job a little more difficult was that some of these areas that were patched up, had been patched up before. So in most cases on this particular job, all of the old panel was removed to allow for just one patch instead of a patch inside of a patch. This just makes for a nicer job. Now it is our turn to get this awesome piece of Toyota history looking nice again. These things are virtually unstoppable. Our plan is to make it look good while doing it.

Yep, another deer

DSCF9428DSCF9429DSCF9427This Sonata is in the shop to get the front put back on and the dents all down the side. Apparently the deer rolled down the side causing some dents to the doors. We disassembled it today to make sure there wasn’t any hidden damage behind the bumper or headlamp. Tomorrow we will start the repairs on the doors and get the parts ordered up. This repair should go pretty smoothly. Stay tuned.

Rear body is on

DSCF9426Late today we got the Prius back from the frame shop. While it was there, They went on and welded the rear body panel on while it was on the frame machine. The right quarter pulled out really nicely so only a little amount of straightening will be needed there. We will also have to repair the roof and seal up the welds on the rear body panel. Tomorrow we also plan on triming the the hatch out with the correct color for this car. Once that is all complete, it will take its turn in the booth. The roof, right quarter, hatch and rear bumper will all get fresh paint early next week.

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