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Dang deer

DSCF8954DSCF8955DSCF8956DSCF8958Long time readers to the site may remember this car from a couple of years ago. The owner brought this to us a couple of years ago wanting a different look for her 2008 Mustang GT California Special. We were happy to oblidge. She wanted to remove the factory California Special side decals and replace them with a more noticible painted on stripe. Well, while we were at it, we also laid out a single wide stirpe with pinstirpes on the hood, roof, trunk and bumpers. It really stood out. Well the other evening a deer crossed her path and unfortunately it wanst moving fast enough and it got wacked.  We will be replacing the fender, bumper and head light. Parts are on order and should be here by the end of the week.

A little rust repair

DSCF8930DSCF8929DSCF8931DSCF8932DSCF8934DSCF8935DSCF8936This Chevy is in the shop to get a rust spot fixed. First we ground off the paint to see what was really going on. We then cut out what was bad to see what  was going on behind the rust. The inner panel was in pretty good shape, so we just cleaned that up and prepped it for the patch. We then made a nice piece to fit in the area we cut out and welded it up taking care not to warp the sheet metal around it. Once it was welded up completely we used a product called all metal to start the repair process. Once that was blocked out we finished the repair with body filler. Once that was straight we prepped the area for primer.  Before we left for the day, we were able to block out the primer and prep the rest of the panel for paint. We plan on getting it painted in the morning.

Floors are in

DSCF8618 DSCF8619 DSCF8620 DSCF8621 DSCF8613 DSCF8614Lots of good work on the Ghia today. Chris pulled the right floor pan this morning and welded in the new one. After they were welded in, Chris etched primed the welds and then seam sealed them to ensure no water gets in there. These new pans do not come with the seat rails, so he also cut out one of the rails and welded it in after carefully measuring it to make sure it was in the correct place. While that work was going on, we were also finishing up the rust repairs started yesterday on the lower front. In between the welding and grinding steps on the front, we cleaned up the welds on the quarter and swiped a coat of All Metal on them. This filler is super strong, has excellent hold out from shrinkage and its waterproof. Next we will block the All Metal out and finish it off with regular filler. We will keep moving around the car until we have all of these areas addressed. Its a long process but things are moving along.

Quiet Ride it

DSCF8518 DSCF8522 DSCF8528 DSCF8533 DSCF8535 DSCF8536 The ’67 Beetle has been on the road to recovery this week. It received sound deadening material yesterday to ensure a quiet ride and 1 of 2 last minute rust repair procedures. The bottoms of the B-posts are rusted and it has very thin metal and holes on each side. Here you can see Chris welding in the patch panel on the left side. The right is just a little bit worse off that this side, but still plenty fixable. Once these are on, we will POR 15 the inner parts to prolong the metal thats inside there. This area will get body worked out next week as well as welding in the other side.

Rust is done.

DSCF8459   DSCF8455 DSCF8456 DSCF8457 DSCF8458DSCF8465DSCF8466Another productive days worth of work on the ’67 Bug. Today we de-greased the chassis and welded in the final pieces that were rusty on the bug. Yesterday we did the left channel and lower plate, well today we did the right side. As you can see it was about the same amount of rust on both sides. Several of the same parts needed replacing on both sides, The right side was not quite as bad as the left but both sides turned out great. As you can see we also seam sealed up these welded areas as well. This will keep water out and allow these repairs to last for a long while. Nothing is as good original, so all we can do is take every measure possible to ensure a quality job. Next week we will be putting this car back on the pan and prepping it for paint.


DSCF8411 DSCF8420 DSCF8409 DSCF8416 DSCF8413 DSCF8415Today we switched gears and went back to the ’67 bug. A few weeks ago, we worked on this one getting the body off and cutting out the old luggage area and the rusty rear bumper mount. We ordered the parts needed to fix this then moved it over to get going on the Ghia project. Now, we are back on this one for a few weeks to keep both jobs moving forward. We took the afternoon to fit the luggage tray and once we were happy with the fit, we welded it in. In the last two pics, you can see Chris and I took it for a test drive.

Rocking the day away

DSCF8382 DSCF8383 DSCF8384Another productive day on the Ghia. Today we welded in the inner channel and the outer rocker skin after we made patches for the front inner structure. The door was fit first thing this morning, and fit quite well. We did have some manipulating to do, but all in all it was a good fit. After that I started welding while Chris made a few patch panels for the front. Tomorrow we will fit the outer lower quarter and outer lower fender and get those welded on. That will wrap up this side.

Ghia repair

DSCF8371 DSCF8372 DSCF8373 DSCF8374 DSCF8375 DSCF8365 DSCF8367 DSCF8368 DSCF8369 DSCF8370Lots of welding today on the Ghia. Yesterday we cut out all of the old rusty rockers and heater channels on the right side. Before those can be welded in, we had to be sure what they welded to, was structurally sound. So today thats what we focused on. The rear inner fender had several hole and thin metal that needed replacing. Unfortunately they dont make these patch panels so we had to make them. The first thing we welded in was the lower quarter backing plate. We could then use that as a guide on where all the other metal will meet up to. This is the grey part with the big hole in the center of it. Once that was in, the other bad metal was cut out and patch panels were made to match the old pieces. After the patches were completed in the back, we test fit the heater channel and outer rocker panel. These parts went in nicely. They are screwed in for the time being because tomorrow we will reinstall the door to make sure we have proper fitment. If that goes well, we will go ahead and weld up the new channel and rocker. We will have to make some patch panels for the front fender area like the ones we made in the rear but we will do that after the rockers are installed. Once all welds are done on this side, we will grid them down some to smooth them up. We will then paint these bare metal parts with PPG’s DP epoxy primer. We will then seam seal the welds up to keep all water from getting in there. This is a great preventative measure to keep this car from rusting in the future.

Rocking along

DSCF8352DSCF8351DSCF8343DSCF8350DSCF8348DSCF8346Phew, what a day. Today we cut out the old rusty crusty rockers on the Ghia. We spent a good portion of the day drilling out the welds and cutting the outer sheet metal so the rockers and heater channels could be removed. Once all the bad stuff was out of the way, we started fitting the new heater channel in the car and got a pretty good fit on it.  You can see in the 4th picture where the new channels will weld up to the wheel house inner brace. Since we didnt have the outer rocker panel we didnt weld anything up on the inner channel. We need to kind of fit all these pieces in to make sure it all fits as it should. Those parts came in about 4;30 today so tomorrow we should be able to get the test fitting complete and start welding in some parts. It was a dirty job but glad things have gone really smoothly.

67 Bug

DSCF8247 DSCF8246This 1967 Beetle is in the shop to get a make over. There will be some rust repair done on this one and a factory Zenith Blue paint job on it when its done. Here is what we got done on it today. The luggage tray was pretty rusty so it was removed today and we checked for other rust while in there. We also found that we will be needing to replace the left rear bumper mounting bracket and the metal behind it as well. Luckily, the make both of these parts and the rest of the parts needed to do the job right. These parts are on order, so it will be a few days before you see us putting them in. Stay tuned. This will be a cool project.

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