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Guess who’s back…

IMG_1948 IMG_1947 IMG_1964 IMG_1963 IMG_1962 IMG_1961 IMG_1960We got the Chevelle back from the blasters today. And just as we suspected this is a very nice car. There were no surprises here. A nice solid body. We will get to sanding on this one next week and start the priming process. Once you have a system that works, you stick to it. So this car will get the same treatment as all the others. Epoxy, slick sand, block, body work, final prime. Its a tedious process but it yields great results.

Back in black

IMG_1836 IMG_1835 IMG_1842 IMG_1841 IMG_1838 IMG_1840 IMG_1837We started off today breaking down the radiator support for the ’71 Chevelle. Boy is there a lot of brackets on there. Since most of them were rusty we opted to sand blast them in house to get the rust off. The first 2 pictures show Chris doing the majority of that work. However, standing in that position for a few hours is a bit uncomfortable so we switched off every so often to give our backs a break. As we finished blasting each piece Chase hung them up in the booth and prepped them for paint. We decided to use POR15 on these parts to prevent the rust from ever happening again. After that we used their chassis black to flatten out the look some. The car goes to the blaster next week, so we will use that time to get back on the Camaro. We should be able to move both of these projects along pretty smoothly.

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