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Slicky slicky

DSCF1182DSCF1181DSCF1175DSCF1176DSCF1178DSCF1180DSCF1187Still working on the ’57 to wrap up the week. Today we were able to get the doors and deck lid sanded down for buffing. Jordan started on the deck lid then moved to the doors. Paul couldn’t resist the fun and quickly helped Jordan out. Once they had the truck ready, Paul started the buffing process while Jordan sanded the doors. Just like the sanding process, the buffing process consists of 3 steps. First step is a cutting compound. This process removes the sanding scratches but leaves its on scratches from the process. The next step is a polishing compound that removes the scratches left by the first, but it too leaves really fine swirl marks. The final step removes the really fine swirls and leaves the paint super smooth and scratch free. Its a long process but very worth it when only the best will do. We didnt quite get done with the buffing, but the last picture shows what the paint looks like after one round of step 2. Yes, sometimes you have to go over it a few times to get it right but its worth it in the end.

It all hinges on this

DSCF1166DSCF1165DSCF1164DSCF1163DSCF1162DSCF1161DSCF1160DSCF1173DSCF1172DSCF1174DSCF1171DSCF1170DSCF1169Yesterday started off with a little sand blasting. Jordan blasted the hood hinges and the door hinges for the ’57 Chevy. Once they were done, Cole took his turn sanding them back down smooth. Once that was finished up, Paul cleaned them up and sprayed a coat of DP epoxy on them and followed that with the appropriate colors for the parts. The hood hinges were painted a soft silver color with a flat clear coat and the door hinges were painted the factory Tropical Turquoise then cleared with a high gloss clear. Today we started the wet sanding process. This part of the paint job separates the men from the boys. This is where the super smooth, mirror like finish comes from. Jordan started with 1000 grit sand paper and carefully sanded the clear coat to remove what little orange peel was there. He then went back over that with 2000 grit paper and followed that will 3000. This process will provide a super high gloss and an ultra flat surface. You will easily be able to shave using this paint as a mirror.

Cobra teaser

DSCF8710Here is a little teaser of how the Cobra is coming. We have been buffing this one for the past two days and we have just about got it wrapped up. We still have to put a final polishing on it and re-assemble it.

Chevy time

DSCF8712 DSCF8711This Chevy is now ready for paint. Chris blocked out the body work today and then he finished sanding the rest of the panels then washed the truck to be sure we get a clean job. Once the Camry comes out in the morning, this ones goes in.

Wet sand and buffing

DSCF8693 DSCF8694 DSCF8695The Cobra is moving right along. Here you can see in the first two pictures what it looks like after wet sanding the clear coat. This is what was done yesterday. We sanded the entire car starting with 1000 grit sand paper then 2000 then 3000. Then we washed the car. This morning Paul and Chris started buffing the paint back out to bring the shine back out. Just like the sanding process, its done in steps. The first step is a heavy cutting compound that gets the scratches out. The next step up shines up the compound scratches. The final step brings up the high gloss back.  This is where we ran out of time today. We will put a final hand polish on here next week and then start the reassembly process. Then this Cobra will be back on the streets.

Ready for the booth

DSCF8617 The ’86 is now ready for the booth. Paul finished sanding it today and we had time to wash it all up to get a nice clean job. Before we left today, we also cleaned the booth and did a filter change. Tomorrow this one will get masked off and we will start the painting process.


DSCF8386 DSCF8385Yesterday and today was spent doing quite a bit of sanding on this Chevy truck. We still have a fair amount left to sand on it but this is showing some great progress. Its going to look a lot worse before it gets better.

Code red

DSCF8261 DSCF8262 DSCF8264 DSCF8265 DSCF8266 DSCF8255 DSCF8259DSCF8256 DSCF8257 DSCF8258More progress on code red today. The running boards, lower dash and a fender extension were all painted today. While Paul was spraying these, Chris and I was sanding the fenders and cab in preparation for buffing. We started off by sanding the parts with 1000 grit to remove the slight peel. This is where the looks like glass comes from. After the we sand with 1000, we switch to 2000 and sand it by hand again. Once that was completed we sand it a third time with 3000 grit but on a DA sander. This process makes buffing a little easier and really makes for a nice finished product. We will start buffing these out tomorrow and should get it done and all cleaned and polished up.

Little filler, little primer, little sanding

DSCF8044 DSCF8042 DSCF8058Update on the Avalon here. Today we started the repair on the hood and right front door early this morning. Things went very well with this team effort. Chris worked the door while Paul worked the hood. This enabled us to get it in primer just after lunch. A few hours of dry time and Paul was able to get it sanded before we finished for the day. We should have the parts in the morning. Once they come in, we will get the fender trimmed out and installed as well as prep the bumper for paint. If all goes well, it would be nice to get this one painted tomorrow. Dont want to over promise, but its possible.

Ruba dub dub

IMG_4881 IMG_4883 IMG_4884 IMG_4889 IMG_4887 IMG_4885 IMG_4882These are the fenders for the ’52 Ford.  We wet sanded and buffed them today. We started with 1000 grit sandpaper and a block.  The block and 1000 grit paper is used to  flatten out the clear coat and remove what little orange peel. Once we finished up with the 1000 by block, we went over it once more with 1000 by hand. We then switched to 2000. Lastly we went over the panel with 3000 grit on a dual action sander.  Once all that was completed we started buffing with a heavy cut compound and wool pad. This process removes all of the scratches from the sanding process but leaves the panel kinda dull. We then switched to a polishing compound. This brings the shine back up. We then go over it one last time to bring out the ultimate shine. Finally we hand polished it to the immaculate shine you see here. These steps were done to both rear fenders today.  Not to shabby for a days work.

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