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Back … and sweeter than ever

2013.01.03 - El CaminoThe El Camino returned to the shop today after having the engine misfire corrected and the clutch replaced. You may recall that the engine in this car was running great on three cylinders but not so well on the other five. We tried it out today and let me tell you, it runs sweet now … smooth as butter. I think we need a “do-over” on that first start video we did a couple of weeks ago.

Early next week we will get the hood striker installed and get the mirrors on the doors and tidy up a few other little issues … but I think this car is all but done.

Well … our part anyway.

Hey! Cab!

2013.01.03 - Ford (1) 2013.01.03 - Ford (2) 2013.01.03 - Ford (3)This Ranger is looking a lot better now than it did when it arrived. It goes without saying that once assembled it will look better still, but for now, a marked improvement.

The first photo shows the first of the two colors going on the truck. The bottom had been painted in the charcoal gray accent color. The lighter gray on the top half of the truck is the sealer that is applied before every paint job. We didn’t mask the side of the truck for this base coat since we will paint the red on over any overspray from the gray.

The second photos shows the red base coat applied. It is a bit difficult to see in the photo, but if you look closely you can see the masking line that is protecting the gray paint underneath the red paint.

After both base coats, the red and the gray, are dry the masking is removed from the sides of the truck revealing both colors. The base coats dry to a near flat finish, but who wants a flat finish on a car? The clear coat not only protects the paint, it also adds some zing! to the finish as you can see in the third and final picture.

Now that the front half of the truck is finished we can start working on the back half tomorrow.

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