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Glamour shot

2013.01.31 - Glamour ShotToday we just so happened to have these three beauties at the shop at the same time so Chris had a good idea of getting a glamour shot. The cars on each end, Mustang and Chevelle will be at the Hot Rod Expo in the Greensboro Coliseum this weekend. Come on out and see us. Mention the website to us and receive a free gift!!  While supplies last of course.

Galloping along

2013.01.31 - Mustang (1) 2013.01.31 - Mustang (2) 2013.01.31 - Mustang (3) 2013.01.31 - Mustang (4) 2013.01.31 - Mustang (5) 2013.01.31 - Mustang (6)Today was the day that this Mustang got to put on some brand new clothes. The first step today was to clean the metal. We use a wax and remover to thoroughly clean the metal. After that we taped up the doors and windows. Then we applied a nice coat of epoxy primer. After that dried we seam sealed all of the seams with a 2 part urethane product from SEM. Then we masked up the jambs then applied 3 good coats of slick sand. The epoxy will bond extremely well to bare metal and provide great adhesion for the slick sand. Slick sand is a super high build primer that we use to ensure  super straight body panels. It provides enough build for us to block sand the entire car with 80 grit sand paper. This process gets rid of the waves and ripples and makes the panels so flat that it makes the paint look like a mirror. We have put a good amount of time in on this old Stang. Its starting to take shape and it looks happier everyday.

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